Hollywood Throws a Party Oscar Night February 22nd

The Oscars are coming up (February 22nd), and the brew-ha is about the lack of diversity.  Last year was the break-out year for Lupita N’yongo in 12 Years a Slave.  Every year there is always just the fainting of diversity, this year Selma is nominated(rightly, so) for Best Picture, and Best Director, but this year there’s talk about David Oyelowo not being nominated for Best Actor.

Probably the thing about the Oscars is that there are only 5 nominated for Best Actor:  Steve Carell / Foxcatcher, Bradley Cooper / American Sniper, Benedict Cumberbatch / The Imitation Game  Michael Keaton / Birman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) and Eddie Redmayne / The Theory of Everything.   So there are hundreds of good movies in 2014, and the idea of having 1 guy win the award for “Best Actor – In a Leading Role” is ridiculous.    But I just watched a few clips from Selma on Youtube (I’m going to see it this weekend), and seriously, seriously, David Oyelowo gives a powerful performance as MLK, Jr.  If it’s a choice between him and the five nominees, I’d have him nominated instead of Steve Carell.

Especially with pictures about Steven Hawking and Alan Turing.  But this is just about performance.  David Oyelowo is amazing as MLK, Jr.   I know nominations are based on votes.  Again, 5 Nominees for Best Actor, 5?  Really?  Yes, thats the sad truth.  Couldn’t fit it into the schedule I guess.   Ain’t that always how it is.  And really, why 12 Nominations for Best Picture, and only 5 Nominations for Actors, Actresses in Leading and Supporting Roles?  5 is a nice number, but come on.  For the sake of everyone, have more Nominees in each category.  At least just move it from 5 to 6.

What I’ve realized recently not only what a huge world it is, but that everyone is doing their thing, and those who are doing things are the one’s getting recognized and applauded.  When I say that, it usually is just the usual thing, their own take on it.  The basic originality of all of it is relative, everyone is unique, with unique visions and it comes out in their work.

While people have a right to see the obvious lack of diversity in Hollywood, I also know it’s a much larger world than Hollywood.  Someone else will apologize and praise Hollywood.  I don’t need to do that.  And there are LOTs of films that I’ve seen at the theater that I have all the respect for, for the cast and crew and everyone who made those films happen.

I already watched a review show on E! Entertainment on what people (the women) wore on the red carpet for the Golden Globes.  And everyone wore what they liked, it all, good and bad, suited their personalities.  Some when movie star style and classic style and everyone did their own thing.

There also comes a point when you wonder, where does criticism end and just storytelling begin.  I’d rather be a storyteller, for whatever reasons.  It’s more interesting than criticism, and storytelling reveals more truths.  It’s not about my own personal taste.  It’s about the stories of everyone within the frame of the story.

So while Oscar awards are getting me off my ass to see some good movies I haven’t seen yet, I also have it in a different perspective this year.  It’s almost like Hollywood has just bemuse another City, and there are Big Cities (and smaller Cities) everywhere.

I’m watching a Hollywood movie right now on TV.  And I’m thinking of The Imitation Game and what a great movie that was.   So it’s all always probably distinguishing the Movies themselves from Hype on the one hand and Criticism on the other.

Oscar Night is just one more night, one more 2 hour awards show.  Meanwhile, Life goes on.  The saying goes, All is Fair in Love and War.  The same could be said of Love and Filmmaking.    All is Possible.  All is Fair.  But this is simple.  Well, like everything else.  Too simple, or just right.


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