Time-Travel Movies this year. (Or was it last year?)

I just read a few reviews of the upcoming time-travel movie “Project Almanac” and saw a new trailer for Terminator: Genisys.   The writer for one review of Project Almanac was dismayed by the fact that the movie decides to focus on a character using time-travel to “hook up” with a girl he likes.  Things end up going wrong for “our protagonists” because….movies.  The reviewer (At CinemaBlend), gave it a bad review because the movie’s focus toward teen millennials (The main character in the movie is about to go to college, or wants to but can’t afford to go to the school he wants to).  and for having time-travel story deal with a romantic pursuit.   But to me thats human nature.  And it’s one possible and very good type of sic-fi that always shows what technology means for human relationships.  I think as much time on Star Trek: The Next Generation, for instance, spend as much time with subplots about crew relationships and everyday life kind of things as it did with the “geopolitics” between Klingons and the Federation of Planets.  (If I have that right).

The Terminator movie looks good.  The premise of the movie from the trailer is this:  John Conner sends a guy back to before Judgement Day to protect Sarah Conner from a Terminator that has been sent back to kill Sarah Conor.  Sarah Connor wants to try to prevent “Judgement Day,” the nuclear war Skynet starts to wipe out humanity.

So the paradox is if she does stop Judgement Day, time travel would still be invented but then if Skynet doesn’t make Terminator robots then all the terminator robots in the movie would disappear.   But this nature of time-travel won’t change whether people decide to go see the movie.   I myself saw Terminator 3 recently on a able movie channel, and it’s actually not as bad a movie as I remembered.  It definitely isn’t what would be called a “classic,” but there are so many good movies that wouldn’t fit into the “classic” category but are still fun movies.   (I could go on and on about the really good flow and visual style of Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines.)

To bring this full circle, The thing about Project Almanac is that the trailer does look good, and the reviewer praised the movie for having a cast that seemed to mimic “The Big Bang Theory” (And that show is one of the most popular shows on TV that happens to deal a lot with relationships.).   So while some people are used to Art Films and seeing serious sci-fi classics and all that, there’s no reason films can’t be both serious and fun at the same time, more specifically why a sci-fi movie can’t or shouldn’t have love or romance as part of it’s story.


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