Basics of Logo Design

There are some principles of logo design that are universal.    Every logo is designed to be unique.  A search of logos within a given industry is helpful too, since the products of industries are unique, the logos created to sell those products are unique as well.

Here are logos from many different companies i many different industries.

Logo-complexHere are logos from video game publishers and companies

logo-video-game-developer-logo Logo-Testronic-Games-Client-Logos

Here are logos for social media and web companies:


There are similarities in design simplicity and differences in style.

The type of product, such as sporting foods or computers, is also important in determining the style of the logo.  (Also if the customer base is male or female or both.)

Every company exists within an ecosystem of brands.  I couldn’t say why web companies have one style of logo that is wholly different from sports or cars.

But every company strives for a logo that will last their company for many years.

Here is a website that can calculate an approximate cost for graphic designers, from free-lancers to design firms, as well as give an idea of the creative work that goes into designing a logo for a company:

Design Quote.Net

Any final logo design that is chosen should be able to sit comfortably side by side with other companies in a given field.


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