Product Photography Gear/Equipment

So to do Product photography, you’ll need a decent camera, which nowadays an entry-level DSLR camera is excellent quality, like a Canon T3i.  This camera even takes excellent video.

You’ll need someplace to photograph.  And some good lighting on whatever it is you’re photographing.  Some lighting solutions will take up space, but there are also tabletop lights, too.


Here are a few tabletop lights.  Tabletop Lights

You CAN buy a lightbox, but instead you can buy some white cardboard paper and it works just as well to have a white background.

Here is a whole kit with some lights and said lightbox that folds up/folds out to create a box.  Tabletop Photography Kit  Good price for just the lights.

For lights that have stands and stand on the ground, with light boxes to soften the light a bit, these are are good set:  Light Set

It uses bulbs you can get at a Home Depot or anywhere else.  To replace the bulbs it comes with.

The above even shows a mobile phone as the camera and it isn’t impossible given the quality of photographs that phones take nowadays.


So you have the lights and something to shoot on.   For a camera.


If you’re using a DSLR, a nice thing to have is a wireless remote control, so you don’t have to touch the camera at all when photographing.  (This also cuts down on any movement to the camera that might cause motion blur).

Camera Remote


Here is a nice package price that includes a Canon 6Ti, basic lens, and macrolense, as well as tripod, memory cards, remote control, and a camera bag.  Really good deal for the price:

Canon EOS Rebel T5i Bundle


For an idea of price range:

Here’s a less expensive Bundle without a macro-lens.  For most things a Macro-lens isn’t needed.   Its for tiny tiny details.  This Bundle gives you a Telephoto lens which zooms in for if you’re far away and need lots of zoom.  Not relevant for product photography, they are used for Sports and things like that.

If you’re on a budget this gives you a good camera with the things you’ll need.

Canon EOS T5 Bundle


Camera Batteries

Every Camera needs them. If you get a couple you can always have more than enough, and 1 charging while using the other, etc.    Good to buy in a bundle and some come with a charger.

for T5:

Camera Batteries for T5

for T5i:

Camera Batteries for T5i

When they aren’t name brand they aren’t expensive but they are still good quality.


That should do it for Product photography.  And again, with the camera Bundle, think about your price range, what you’re going to be using the Camera for besides Work.  There are bundles that are for video that come with microphones.


Look at the features shown for the cameras.  More expensive cameras may have the same technology or features you don’t need.  So buy according to your needs.

As for Photography tutorials, there are always websites and Youtube channels with information on every aspect of photography.



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