Shakespeare’s Bookshelf to be my Primary Focus


I’m new to writing.  I’m learning my own style as I write for the website Shakespeare’s bookshelf:   Shakespeare’s Bookshelf.

Writers say that projects take a lot of work, and spreading yourself too thin on too many projects is never good.     And I can see that as I study and write about Shakespeare’s life.

Also, there is a wealth of science-fiction movies that explore space travel and stories in space.  The Martian.  The New Star Wars.  Also a lot of TV shows.  So many movies set in space.  While Shakespeare’s Bookshelf will be my primary focus, I hope I have time to work onside sci-fi, even if it’s small projects, short stories, a short film.

But having a primary focus and secondary focuses is a good thing, especially for me as I am very disorganized.  I should have completed a sci-fi novel (or two ) by now, because I used to write notes and ideas but then I don’t build anything from them.  I hope and I think I have a better understanding of the writing process (and the animation process, and music writing process) from more recent years and the many people who inspire on a daily basis with their wisdom.

I’m also going through a move this year as well.  So that is taking up a lot of my time as well.

The research needed for the story of Shakespeare’s England is immense.  People have written books about the world of Shakespeare before.  I can only imagine the amount of work it took for them to write those books and have a consistent quality to the writing.

Shakespeare’s England is worth studying, too.  The story of English composers and the music of 1500s England is a great part of the story, too. This is long before Bach or Handel, and yet they were writing amazing music.  The lyric writing was as good as the poetry of the day.  So Shakespeare was not only reading poetry, prose, and plays, he was also living at a time when music was also very popular and important part of English society.

I also have current projects and work that leaves me little free time for this type of project.  By focusing my energy on Shakespeare’s Bookshelf, it will ensure I make it as good as it can possibly be.


Paul Kanter



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